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January 2015

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[sticky post] Omi's Masterlist of Fics

Here's a Masterlist of all my fics, so far. Almost all are Harry/Draco slash; most are oneshots of varying length. The fics are listed by length, with most recent first in each grouping.

Harry Potter (Harry/Draco, unless otherwise stated)

Shorter Oneshots (under 10,000 words)

Misdirection and Wonder: Magic for Beginners
Remix of Magic Tricks by talithan, written for 2014 hd_remix. Harry Potter may be the one who dabbles in Muggle Magic, but it’s Draco who leaves him mystified. R, ~7,600 words.

In the Library
Written for hp_silencio, a dialogue-free fest, for icmezzo There's no talking in the library at Hogwarts, not under Madam Pince's watch. Unfortunately, there's only one copy of the book Harry and Draco both need for the Potions essay that is due the next morning, so they will have to find some way to share. Quietly. PG, 2,700 words

The Depths of Mystery
A birthday gift for birdsofshore Sybil Trelawney believes in the power of Divination. She believes she glimpses the secrets and mysteries of life. When she sees kissing, skin and… thrusting in her crystal ball, she will not look away. It is her duty to keep watching. Silly smut. Hard R, ~1,400 words.

A gift fic for capitu. Love is your heart breaking, a little more every day. Sometimes it means letting go; sometimes diving in head first. But it is always worth it. PG-13 (if that). 3,280 words.

Love Flies Delighted
A gift fic for Penguindreams. A summer's day, bees, stings, magic and honey: basically this fic is fluff on little wings. A very soft R, ~2,400 words.

A Light Too Bright
The bright light of spring is all wrong for Harry and Draco; they are both haunted by their memories of war. Written for melusinahp's Hurt/Comfort Comment Meme. R, ~1,400 words.
on LJ | on AO3 | on ffn

By the Light of the Moon
Draco longs for the freedom of a midnight swim in the lake, but even in June it is a cold, dark place. With tentacles.... PG-13. 1,789 words.

Draco tries to do one thing to impress Harry and his friends, but slightly misjudges Harry’s attachment to his carrots. Luckily, Draco is quite… attached to Harry’s, er, carrot, too. A very mini (unlike Harry’s carrots) sequel to This Delicious Solitude. Genre: Fluff, R. ~1,200 words.

Slugs and Snails
It isn't every day your ex-wife gets married. A gentle tale of love and gastropoda. (Written as a wedding present for saras_girl & originally posted in the wedding_eels communit). Sara's Girl gave special permission for well-wishers to use any of her characters/worlds; this is m shameless copy loving homage to Turn, the fic which turned me into a total HD shipper. Genre: Romance and fluff, PG-13. ~4000 words
on my LJ

The Silence of Dreams
Gift fic for aline_daryen. Draco and Harry are paired up to help with the Hogwarts rebuild, which includes having to share a tent. Both suffer from nightmares, and both find it hard talk.
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, pre-slash  PG-13. 2,793 words
on LJ | on ffn

Knowing Harry Potter
Written as a comment fic in First Time Fest, for the prompt 'Harry/Draco - first time cuddling' by meddie_flow. Genre: fluff, pre-slash, Eighth year. G. 980 words.
on LJ | on ffn

At a wedding, Harry sees how everyone's life has moved on, except for his – he's still pining after Draco. Written for winterstorrm in the 2012 hd_smoochfest. Genre: Angst & Romance, EWE. PG-13. ~5,000 words.
on LJ on AO3 on ffn

The Fancy Dress Party
Draco has been pining over Harry for years. Pansy comes up with a plan to get Harry to notice him, which involves everyone dressing up. Genre: Fluffy fun (no smut!). PG-13. ~6,700 words.
on LJ | on AO3 | on ffn

A British Summer
Ice cream, oh ice cream! Post-Hogwarts, EWE, Harry is a recluse, but Draco bumps into him on a British Summer's day. Genre: Fluffy, smutty, fun. R. ~9000 words.
on LJ | on AO3 | on ffn

Longer Oneshots (over 10,000 words)

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight
When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too. Written for dustmouth in the 2014 hd_erised. R, 35k.
On AO3

The Snitch-Maker
Draco is content with his Snitches, with the tap tap tap of his hammer, and the tiny gears and sharp scent of metal in his workshop - until one day Harry Potter appears, asking for help to solve a rash of Snitch-tampering in the Quidditch world. Written for the 2014 HD Career Fair on hd_fan_fair. PG-13, ~21.5k.
On AO3

Another Sun That's Brighter Still
Draco’s parents are trying to force him to marry – just because of some stupid family curse – but Draco isn’t willing to settle for second best. After rejecting one suitor too many, he’s handfasted to a stinky and ragged minstrel and sent off without a Knut to his name. Written for the 2014 hd_smoochfest. NC-17, 26.5k
on AO3

A Song Without Words
When a violin goes missing, Draco has to work with Potter to clear both their names. Written for themostepotente in the hd_erised 2013. 20.5k

Twenty-Four Reasons to Remember
A non-fluffy advent fic. Harry has almost forgotten what it is to be happy in love and life, until Draco gives him twenty-four chances to remember. NC-17, 17.5k

A Future Unknown
Draco had always thought that the ability to see the future would have saved him a lot of grief. The choices are no easier, however, when he is cursed to see an endless set of futures featuring Harry Potter. Written for the 2013 HD Book Fair on hd_fan_fair. NC-17 (just), 25k.

The Comfort of Tea
A lawn mower, a pertly pink todger, endless cups of tea and a few sly grins. Oh yes, and Harry is cursed to temporarily bond to anyone he gets close to; for some reason that person ends up being Draco, more often than not... Written for the 2013 hd_smoochfest. Genre: Fluff. PG-13. 20,000 words

A Year in Training
Harry is finally living his dream and training as an Auror, but nothing seems to be going right: he’s just so angry all the time. And Draco Malfoy’s presence on the programme really isn’t helping with that, either. Remix of Tension by twilight_tones for hd_remix 2013. Genre: Angst. Hard R / NC-17. 25,000 words
on LJ | on AO3

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes
Harry's house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it's Draco Malfoy. Written for alisanne in the 2012 hd_holidays fest. Genre: Fluff, romance. Hard R / NC-17. Complete. 40,900 words.
on AO3 | on ffn.net (posted in chapters)

The Haunting of Draco Malfoy
After the War, there are many new ghosts, lost and uncertain, and Draco Malfoy has become a Peacebringer, working hard to help these and any other troubled ghosts move on. Draco finds himself stuck in a Gothic mystery of his own when a recently missing Potter appears, spectral and silent, at Malfoy Manor.Written for citrus_lime in the hd_fan_fair 2012 H/D Career Fair.
Genre: Angst, mystery. NC-17, 27,400 words.
on AO3 | on ffn

Sleeping Dragon
When Draco loses his memory, Harry struggles to recognise the man he loves. As they get to know each other again, can Harry overcome his sense of loss? And will Draco ever remember that he loves Harry? Written for sajmalfoy13 in the 2012 Glompfest, hosted on serpentinelion. Genre: Hurt/comfort, angst. NC-17, 20,500 words.
on AO3 | on ffn

This Delicious Solitude
Draco is sent to investigate Harry's extraordinary carrots for the Prophet after whispers of cheating rock the world of competitive vegetable cultivation. But how's he meant to get anywhere when Harry won't even let him past the garden gate? Written fortreacle_tartlet in the 2012 hd_smoochfest. Genre: Fluff, humour, romance. R, ~16,500 words.
On LJ on AO3 on ffn

Trust in Hope
It's Eighth-year, and Draco is broken, ostracised. Only one person misses the old Draco. Written for tariana in the 2012 hd_smoochfest. Genre: Angst & Romance R, 20,000 words
On my LJ on AO3 | on ffn

Chaptered fic

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes (see above) is posted in chapters on ffn.net, 40,900 words.

When a Tree Dreams
After the war is over, Harry tries to work out what, or perhaps who, will make him happy. Pretty much PG until later chapters. A slow moving, gentle fic. Genre: Angst & Romance. Rated R for later chapters. Complete. ~53,000 words.
on LJ | on AO3 on ffn


Cherry Tree Trio
Three fics which detail Harry and Draco's life together. They can be read in any order, but are listed in the order they were written. Sort of Epilogue compliant, but not in a bad way. Genre: Angst/romance. R 3,500-11,000 words.
- Four Seasons of Light the story of a lifetime together, told through four seasons. R. ~3,600 words
- Day to Night, Night to Day pring and Summer, from Harry's POV. Harry finds himself with a new Auror partner, a problem chair and a set of unexpected feelings. R.~11,000 words.
- A Strange Place Spring and Summer, from Draco's POV. After the war, Draco works hard to build a new life. And then Potter turns everything upside down. R. ~3,500 words

Other HP Characters/Pairings

Smile (Pansy, George)
Pansy works at Weasley’s Wheezes as part of her war reparations. Written for melusinahp's One Prompt, Many WritersPG, 497 words.

A Smell Like No Other (Scorpius/his own, beautiful cock; Scorpius/Albus Severus)
It was just supposed to be a prank. Scorpius was NOT expecting it to turn out quite like this. Written for alby_mangroves's Wank Comment Fest, for a prompt by birdsofshore. NC-17, ~3,200 words.

Silver-Bright (Greg/Luna)
Greg can't sleep. And the moon is shining. More poet!Greg for birdsofshore (a follow-up to The Redemption of Gregory Goyle, below). Fluffy gentle drabble, poetry. 421 words.

The Start of Something Beautiful (Pansy, Hermione)
My first attempt at a drabble, for sortinghatdrabs, prompt Pansy + any Gryffindor + photo prompt. ~600 words

The Redemption of Gregory Goyle (Greg/Luna)
A gift fic for birdsofshore, this is a little side story set in the Sleeping Dragon 'verse, about how Greg was redeemed, and how he became a poet. She's probably the only person who's read it, lol.
Genres: Character study, romance, a bit of poetry. ~3000 words.

Solid (Petunia/Vernon)
Written as a comment fic in First Time Fest, for the prompt 'Petunia/Vernon, first time regretting their marriage,' by lordhellebore
Genre: Angst? G, 750 words.

Merlin (BBC)

And No Birds Sing (Merlin/Arthur)
Written for the 2013 paperlegends Merlin Big Bang. Merlin has been cursed and lives as a hermit, knowing he has lost something, although he cannot remember what. One day he finds a knight, weak and injured, by the lakeside. Inspired by the poem 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' by John Keats. Genre: Angst. NC-17, ~35,000 words.


I came here because I've just read and loved your career-fair fic. And because I've seen you around on my friends' pages too, I decided to friend you. Hope you don't mind. :)
I'm happy to be friended and friend back! And I hope you enjoy some of my other fics too. :)

I love your writing and I see that there are many fics I haven't read yet. I'm adding you so I don't miss a thing. :)